May 28, 2020


For everyone's health and well-being we ask that you follow the guidelines listed below ...

Be prepared to keep adequate distance between you and others who are present.  
There will be no  children's Sabbath School classes.   

Fellowship meals are on hold until further notice.

Seating in the sanctuary will be spaced out.  Please sit in the open (unmarked) pews.

Limited congregational singing.

Announcements will be on the screen (no bulletins are being handed out).

Face coverings are required when you enter the building.    We will have disposable masks for those who come without one.

You will be asked to come in one door and exit through a different door.

Members will be ushered out by row and in a way that will not allow them to bunch up at the exit.  
When dismissed you are encouraged to move to the outside of the church and not linger inside.

Offerings may be placed in the baskets by the door as you exit.



We ask that you please stay home if you have one of the following conditions:  


If you have a temperature over 100 degrees  


If you have a persistent cough  


If you have lost the ability to taste the flavor of food  


If you feel ill in any other way 

If your health is compromised in any way 

If you fit into the category of "vulnerable health condition"  


We are asking you to wear a face covering while at church.

I know some of you don't worry about getting sick ... but we are asking for your compliance on behalf of those who are concerned about their health.

Thank you for your cooperation.

 If you feel you would be safer staying at home, or if you are among those considered "vulnerable" and you will be staying home - we will be streaming our worship service live at the Eugene Adventist Church Facebook page.


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