April 11, 2019

Emerald Christian Academy will be having our church service this week.    They will be sharing some music and giving a report on their recent mission trip to Hawaii.   Yes … there are mission projects in Hawaii !


And as we do each time the school comes to share with us … we ask that you prepare an extra amount of food for our Fellowship Meal. We will have many guests at church on Sabbath.    Thank you ahead of time for helping with our Fellowship Meal Ministry.



A week ago I was at the Junction City prayer meeting on Wednesday evening.  There were only three of us there and instead of doing a study we walked through the church building and prayed for each room of the church - that God would fill the room with kids, adults, or whatever was appropriate for the room we were in.    We prayed for the leaders of the departments and for the members who faithfully come each week (attendance varies, but maybe and average of 12-15).


That was Wednesday.  On Sabbath it was my week to preach there and since it was a communion Sabbath I anticipated that the attendance would be small in number.   I wasn’t disappointed … There were very few people there for Sabbath School, but as the church hour approached people kept coming in!   We ended up with 35 people there for the communion service.  It was a real blessing.


My request of you is that you would lift up our church in prayer.  Pray that God would fill our church with community members who are looking for a church family.  Pray that God will send us people who are searching for a relationship with Jesus Christ … that God would send us broken people who need the healing and restoration He can bring to them through fellowship with us here in our church.  


Pray that God would fill us the the Holy Spirit that we might be the kind of church family that the new people (which God will be sending to us) need.


See you on Sabbath,


Pastor Greg


This Sabbath, after the fellowship meal Steve Waterson will continue his study of the Book of Daniel (starts at 1:30pm).  That will take place in the Fireside Room.

POWER PRAYER - Sunday morning at 7am in the Forest Room.

Women’s Brunch and Bible Study … this Sunday at 10:00am -  in the Fellowship Hall.

Church Board Tuesday at 6pm.