April 5, 2019

Last Sabbath Shirley and I attended the Oregon Conference Prayer Retreat at the Twin Rocks Conference Center.   Dr. Paul Dybdahl was the speaker for the weekend.  Paul is a professor at WWU and after listening to his presentations throughout the weekend I have renewed confidence in the theology department at WWU.   We should be thankful we have such committed, sincere, and solid Christian instructors such as Paul.   Sherleen Head was also able to attend the conference.  Talk to her if you want to hear about how good the weekend was.


There were many good spiritual lessons that were presented throughout the weekend.  One that stuck with me was a reminder that while we might look to Jesus as our friend,  Jesus looks to us and calls us His friend.   The first way is that we like God, looking at it the second way reveals that God likes us.   That’s good news!


I’ll be at Junction City tomorrow.   Del Johnson is preaching here at Eugene.  It is the first Sabbath of the month and so there will be NO fellowship meal this week.


Emerald Christian Academy will be at our church on April 13th.


On April 20th, after the fellowship meal, we will be visiting some of our members who are not able to make it to church each week.   We need people to team up with someone and take one of the names on our list and then visit them that afternoon.    I hope you can join us!