August 8, 2019

I look forward to seeing each one of you this Sabbath!


As I mentioned two weeks ago, I've invited a friend of mine from high school (Columbia Adventist Academy) to come share his story of why he is a Sabbath-keeping Adventist today.  He walked away from the Lord at one point in his life but God pursued him and with tenderness and love brought him back into church fellowship.   It's a story about the goodness and grace of God that never gives up on us.

Goodman Creek hike - Sabbath - meet at the trailhead at 3:30pm


This is a well wooded trail that runs along side an inlet. After a brief climb, the trail crosses a few small creek beds before taking you through tall trees and fern lined views. Just short of two miles in, you will come across a small waterfall, that is very rewarding to your hike.

Dogs are welcome but must be on a leash.   After the hike there will be a vespers at the Waterson's home.

After the Sabbath hike there will be a back yard vespers / camp fire at the Waterson's home.   Even if you don't go hiking come to the vespers program.  Good fellowship, singing, and stories.

Bring something to roast over the fire or just your favorited Sabbath evening munchies for the potluck meal.