Church in the Pandemic

If we could see into the future we would likely turn and run the other way... if we could.  At least that might be how some have felt about the year 2020.  Unforeseen and unimaginable circumstances have overtaken us this year.  For several months our church was closed on Sabbaths and worship services took place online through the use of ZOOM meetings.  Who ever heard of Zoom prior to Covid-19?  Now we are gathering together for worship but no physical contact is allowed.  Many people come to church especially for that, don't they?  Where else do they go to get their hugs?  No, singing is allowed.  No potlucks ... those have been essentials and mainstays in the past.  But we are surviving, we are worshiping, we are growing.  Praise the Lord!

God continues to bless us and for that we are ever thankful.  Our fellowship has been modified but it still exists.  The only thing I can think of that might improve it right now is if you were to come and worship with us!   Come join us this Sabbath.  We would love to include you in our church family.