February 13, 2020

This is Valentines weekend … and my sermon on Sabbath will be along that line.   The family unit is a representation of the relationship that our Creator desires to have with each one of us.  The faithfulness, love and devotion that we extend to those we love, and especially our spouses, is a representation of God’s love and faithfulness towards us.   As human beings our love can lead us to give everything (even our lives) for the ones we love.   God has certainly done that for us (given His life for us).   How sad to think that such love is spurned by so many!




This Sabbath evening - beginning at 5pm - a light potluck meal, vespers, and then a movie.   We will be showing a movie called,  “Come Alive” … about how one church put Christ’s command to love others into practice in their community.   I hope we can gain some inspiration from this motivating story.      All are welcome.  Come and enjoy some good fellowship.



Speaking of good fellowship … thank you to all who came to the Bean Auction last Sabbath evening.   Lot’s of people came to enjoy the event … and almost everyone, it seemed, ended up going home with a real treasure!    Those “treasures” ranged from a toilet plunger to a rubber chicken!    Thank you to all who came and participated.