February 28, 2020

Church Members ...

Sabbath is here … what a blessing of quiet rest and renewal.  At least it should be!   The devil does his best to bring all sorts of distraction and annoyance to rob you of the blessings of Sabbath.   Don’t give in to devil’s devices.  Pray for peace.   Hand your burdens over to the Lord and let HIM carry them for you through the Sabbath hours.  Believe HIM when HE says that HE can give you rest.

There will be a fellowship meal tomorrow after our service.   Thank you for all who helped make last week’s meal a blessing for all of our guests.   NEXT WEEK  (March 7) there will be a BREAKFAST potluck.    We only do a few of these each year.  It’s a nice change.   This one will be on a week that we typically do not have a fellowship meal … so be sure to mark this on your calendars!

Also, on the 7th, we will be having a special guest speaker - the director of the ministry called,  “Love For Lane County”.   The Church Board has voted to join with this community ministry to help provide for the many needs of the residents who “fall between the cracks” of the other services provided in the Eugene area.  

I’ll see you tomorrow!

Pastor Greg