January 10, 2020

How long does it take you to consistently right the correct year on checks and other documents after the change of a new year?    Do you get it right from day one?   It takes me about a month it seems.



This Sabbath I’ll be at Junction City and Steve Waterson will be preaching here at Eugene.



Sabbath evening we will have a Church Board meeting here at 5pm and then game night at 6:30pm.   Anyone is welcome to attend a board meeting, though you would not be able to vote on issues if you are not a board member.   EVERYONE is welcome to come join us for the game night.   Bring a favorite table game - or maybe come and show off your skills on the ping-pong table.     Also,  potluck - light snacks.


We have a couple of well-warn hymnals that have been pulled from the pews.  They are too beat up to put out for congregational use but too good to throw away.  Would you like to have one of these for your own use at home?   Let me know.  First come - first served.   A little bit of duct tape and they will be almost as good as new!


There will be a Fellowship Meal this week.  Speaking of eating … the kitchen is in need of a freezer.  Do you have a good, dependable one you would like to sell (or donate) to the church?