January 30, 2019

Church Members,

Here are a couple of pictures from last weekend’s Big Lake Snow Outing.   The group picture below is at the sliding hill.  The other two pictures I included because they are of my granddaughters!  (insert all the jokes about  grandparents showing off their grandkid’s pictures!)   I liked these two shots because they showed the action and speed of going down the hill.  It was great fun!

The weather was sunny and warm.  The beds were comfy.  The food was good.  The lodge was warm.  The fellowship was wonderful!      The best thing that came out of the weekend was a sermon that we listened to - a discussion followed and a decision was made that we (our church members) needed to spend more time praying together for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.    

We are going to begin praying together this coming Sunday, 7am, at the church.     

See the flyer above for a link to the sermon or   click here    to go directly to the sermon

All are welcome to come and join the prayer time.

Other events:

This Sabbath:    Home Fellowship Sabbath - no potluck after church.

4pm    - Steve Waterson’s Israel pictures.

Next Sabbath - Jamie Jorge.

Most everyone indicated that they would like to see our church plan another event like this next winter.  If you like that idea, please let Judy, our church secretary know.
Unfortunately we did not get a group picture of all that attended the weekend event!