January 5, 2022

Wednesday,  January 5th, 2022
 The COVID virus has begun to impact several of our church families.   It looks like it began spread among our congregation somewhere around the Christmas holiday events.  In an attempt to keep the virus from being spread to more families I am requesting that we put our FELLOWSHIP MEAL on hold for now.  No more potlucks until further notice.  We’ll also NOT be having our communion service next week.  We’ll wait a few weeks before we have that service.
We will still be having in-person Sabbath School classes and worship services…  where it’s possible for people to space out and to wear their face coverings.  Of course, eating a meal together means that people sit close and take their masks off - that’s why we are canceling our potlucks for the time being.
If you have any questions regarding these changes please feel free to contact me.
Pastor Greg