July 11, 2019

The Young family would like to invite our church family to Everett and Joseph’s baptism this Sabbath afternoon, 4:30 p.m., in the Willamette River along Laurelwood campus.  The location will be the same as where the baptisms for Light Bearer’s Convocation takes place each year. You may park near the barn or thereabouts. If you would like to arrive early to enjoy the scenery, you are welcome to take lawn chairs to relax in, or go for a walk around the beautiful grounds. We are eager to have our family and friends join us in celebrating Everett and Joseph’s public commitment to Jesus! 


 Following the baptism you are invited to join us for a picnic supper in the pavilion on the Laurelwood campus. Hot dogs, condiments, watermelon, cider, plates, cups, and flatware will be provided. You can bring anything to contribute such as salads, chips, veggies, other fruits, etc. If you have bug spray, bring that as well. The mosquitoes are hungry too! 


 Andee Johnson would like to thank her Eugene church family for the bright bouquet of flowers (in her very fav colors) delivered to her this week following her medical procedure on her back which was intended to bring some pain relief.  The procedure went smoothly and Andee solicits continual prayers for healing and improvement in her quality of life.

Del Johnson


I will be leaving on Sunday to head up to Gladstone for the OC Camp Meeting.   I’ll be returning next Sunday.   You may call me on my cell phone if you need to contact me.


I visited with Steve and Miriam Jones this week (former members of this congregation).  They have not sent out formal invitations for the Celebration of Life service they are holding for Steve this coming Sunday but they want you to know that you all are welcome to come and visit with Steve.      Steve is in a unique situation.  He has chosen to end his kidney dialysis today (Thursday) and then go onto hospice care.   He knows that he will not have long to live after he ends dialysis.  He would like to have a chance to say “Goodbye” to all his friends.