July 25, 2019

Cowboy Camp Meeting is has come and gone.   Gladstone Camp Meeting is over.   It seems like for me that the church routine can begin to get back to normal … if there is such a thing as “normal”!


 Yesterday and today our elevator installer / repair person has been working on fixing the lift so that it will not keep stalling.   He has ordered a new logic board (the brains of the computer that runs the elevator) and so the lift will be out of order until he gets the new part installed.   The chair lift in the back hall will still be available for use while the elevator is being worked on.    The repairman has asked me to extend his apologies to the entire congregation for the many inconveniences we have endured and he thanks us for our patience as he works to get a final solution to our lift problems.



There will be a fellowship meal this Sabbath after our sermon.



There might possibly be a hike this Sabbath afternoon.  The final details have not been arrived at yet.   If anyone has a place they would like to suggest for a hike for this Sabbath or some future Sabbath please share that information with Judy Hernandez.



The church needs some volunteers to help knock down the blackberry bushes that are growing behind the storage shed.   If you would like to help with that project, please let me know.



This Sabbath I am going to share 6 scriptural evidences that support the belief that Satan will impersonate Christ in his attempt to deceive the entire world into worship himself.  The Bible does not come out and make that claim, word for word (that Satan will impersonate Christ), but the evidence is very clear that he will!   When that event happens it will be an almost irresistible deception.  It will almost be too late at that point to convince people of the deception.   People need to be warned ahead of time so that they are not swept away by the power of the devil.