March 13, 2020

Church Members,



I just wanted to re-emphasis our plan for church tomorrow.




1.         There will be NO fellowship meal.


2.         If you are ill - stay home.


3.         If you are over the age of 60 and have any health concerns - stay home.


4.         If you have a compromised immune system - stay home.





Seems strange for your pastor to be telling you to “Stay Home” doesn't it?   This necessity is only temporary.  Don’t get too used to staying home!  We want you back worshiping with us as soon as this virus threat has passed.


Prayer is important.  God will watch over us and protect us but we must also do our part to not put ourselves unnecessarily at risk.  Wash your hands well, especially after being in public places where you are touching surfaces that others are touching.  Avoid touching your face, rubbing your eyes and those kinds of actions after you have been in public-use places.


I will be sending info in a few minutes on how to live-stream our worship service.



Pastor Greg