March 17,2020

I am beginning to  prepare for a message for you this Sabbath (it will be a shorter devotional message - not a full length sermon).    I’m thinking of putting together more thoughts on why we should not fear.  Also, I’d like to share some thoughts on how this virus scare could be a predatory warning for other things to come.   It certainly is a wake-up call, isn’t it?


Do you have any particular Biblical questions, or end-time events questions that I could address  in my broadcast?   If so, send me a message and I’ll see if I can find some appropriate answers for you.


Also,  if you live close to another church family, it might be a good opportunity to gather together in small groups and spend part of the Sabbath together.   If you are doing that, let me know so that I can share that info and encourage others to try to do something similar  (of course, we need to keep it to small groups).


Pastor Greg