March 20, 2020



Here's how you can watch my message tomorrow...

Thank you to Clayton Young who worked a couple of hours Friday evening to get me hooked up on YouTube - Live Streaming.   We hoped that would work so that everyone could watch from whatever device you have ... but that just didn't work out!    We'll keep working on it this coming week.

So,  watch my message tomorrow with the PERISCOPE application.

Periscope only works on your phone or tablet ... so if you don't have a smart phone you will not be able to watch the message- so sorry!

Here's how to be ready:

Download the PERISCOPE application.   Get it from your APP store or Google it to locate the download.

Once you have the app downloaded do a search for:  Greg Middlestetter.    

I'll begin broadcasting a few minutes before 11am tomorrow with the message starting right at 11am.   So, even if you head to the beach tomorrow (or some other outdoor journey) you can take a break and join us for church!

Sabbath Blessings,

Pastor Greg