March 28, 2019

I’ll be gone to the Prayer Conference this weekend.   Raylene’s father, Keith Zaugg will have the service and Vonda Beerman will share a few musical numbers.   

We have been praying for God to fill our pews with people who are desiring a closer walk with Him.  We have asked God to send us broken people who can find healing through the fellowship and teaching that they find at our church.  God continues to honor that request.   I met two more people this week who expressed a desire to come and worship with us.   I hope they follow through with that desire.

Judy Hernandez met a couple of people this week also that have interesting connections with Adventists.   One neighbor was sharing how they have begun to listen to the local Adventist radio station.  She met another person at the DMV who has  been watching Fountainview videos on YouTube. Both are interesting stories - ask her to tell you about them.

One of our neighbors joining the church parking lot contacted me today.   They are new homeowners and just wanted to get to know who their neighbors were.   I’ll be visiting with them next week.   That doesn’t happen very often, does it!      

Thank you to Tami and Judy for changing out some of the church decorations this week.   Be sure to look up on top of the classroom and mothers room (from inside the sanctuary) to see what they have done.

Our flower beds definitely will need some attention this spring.   Who would like to help me work on them?    One at a time … we can get them looking very nice.  We can start by cleaning up the weeds and putting bark dust down on the beds along the parking lot on the north side of the church.

Don’t forget … POWER PRAYER on Sunday morning - 7am.    I’ll be remembering you in prayer from the Conference Center at that hour.

Next Sabbath I will be at Junction City … so I’ll see you in two weeks!

Pastor Greg