March 5, 2020

Church Family,



Sabbath morning we will be having a breakfast potluck.   Something different that we do occasionally.   Come prepared to begin eating by 9am.   That will give plenty of time to eat, visit, and then get to your SS class.   Please bring your food items ready to serve / eat.



Our speaker this Sabbath will be Jessica Elwell, the director of LOVE FOR LANE COUNTY … a non-profit, Christian ministry that does an incredible job of helping meet the needs of people who seem to, “Fall between the cracks”.   I would like to thank you ahead of time for showing her the highest degree of Christian love and respect.  She is coming to share with us how their ministry has embraced Jesus’s command to care for the needy.  As she spends time with us she will also be evaluating who Adventist’s are.  Jessica has had very little interaction with Seventh-day Adventists previously and so the impression we give her (as she spends time with us) will be the picture she retains of who all Adventists are.   Let’s reveal the love of Christ to Jessica this coming Sabbath.


Sabbath evening at 5pm we are getting together again to talk about ways that we can work as a church to help support LOVE FOR LANE COUNTY.



Shirley and I will be at Junction City Sabbath morning.   We will be back to meet with you for the evening meeting.




Pastor Greg