May 2, 2019

Sunny and 64 degrees! That is the forecast this Sabbath for Florence. While it isn’t exactly summer weather, it promises to be a beautiful afternoon so let’s go! 


Where: Carl G. Washburne Memorial State Park (north of Florence)

When: After your lunch on Sabbath or bring a sack lunch to eat in the car on the way there

What to bring: Coats, chairs, kites, supper potluck food to share around a campfire (think hot dogs), picnic supplies (plates, forks, etc.)

What is provided: Sand, sea, restrooms, and free parking

Contact person: Stephanie


Ashley Chrowl,  Wally Wacker’s granddaughter, passed away this past Sunday.   Our deepest sympathy is extended to all the family.   There will be a card in the foyer for you to sign this Sabbath.   There will be an announcement later about the memorial service arrangements.


Monday evening - cooking class (6:30pm)   and Elders Meeting (6pm).    There are plenty of tasks you can help with at the cooking class if you are willing to become involved.  If you would like to help come to the class at 6pm this Monday evening.


This Sunday - 9 AM - another fantastic / wonderful / delicious potluck breakfast!      The meal will be followed by a Church Business Meeting to discuss what you (church members) wish to do in regards to financing the second phase of our building project.     Our estimate is that Phase 2 will cost $135,000… which would put us a little over the $500,000 cap that was voted as our upper limit for the building project (we voted that a couple of years ago at a Church Business Meeting).    The church members need to decide if they are willing to raise that spending limit.    This is an important meeting.   Please come and join us for the discussion.


Power Prayer - Sunday, 7-8am.    If you can, come and join us in praying for our church and for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit … then join us for the breakfast and the Church Business Meeting.


Brenda Walsh weekend is coming up in May.   See the poster in the foyer for the details.    There will be a meal that Sabbath - provided for by the ladies of the church.   There will be NO need for you to bring any food (unless you wish to bring a desert)…  But … you could give an offering to the Women’s Ministry account to help cover the cost of the meal.