May 23, 2019



Are You Using the Online Church Directory? ...



... If not here is how to set up you mobile device to be able to view our online directory.

Go to your location for downloading applications.  Search for, "Instant Church Directory" and download the free app.

After it has been installed on your device go through the steps to set up your own account.  It will ask you to set up your own password.   It will be a word that you create.  It is not one that we supply for you.

You will also need to contact the pastor at: and give him your contact information so that he can set up your account on the churches master list.


Ladies ... Women's Ministries would like you to return the name badge and lanyards from this past weekend's event so they can use them again.  You may return them to the foyer desk this Sabbath.

Afternoon church hike -
June 8th -
Elijah Bristow Park.


Starting this Sabbath (May 25th) after our fellowship meal...  Session 1 of a 5 part series designed to make good marriages better!   Learn the secret to better communication between men and women.  

Learn communication skills that all will find informative and beneficial - delivered with a bit of humor!  

Come and learn why you do what you do ... and why it might be worth your time to try a different way of communicating with the people around you.


Every Sunday 

7am at the church