May 31, 2019

All week long I have been listening to one of Brenda Walsh’s books on CD.   It’s the one on answers to prayer.  It is a terrific book.  It is so encouraging to hear stories of how God has worked in amazing ways to bring all kinds of blessings to people with all kinds needs.   God is good!
I’ll be at Junction City tomorrow.  Del Johnson will be at Eugene.    I’ll be back for the vespers and video at 7pm.   The video will be part 2 of the LOVE AND RESPECT series.
… A reminder and invitation … come and join our POWER PRAYER, Sunday morning at 7am in the FOREST ROOM.
Memorial Service:
There will be a celebration of Life for Ashlie Nichole Chrowl on June 22 at 4 PM. Ashlie passed away on April 28, 2019. The service will be held at the First Baptist Church, located at 3550 Fox Meadow Road in Eugene. If Ashlie touched your life in any way, please come and join us for music and memories. There will be food for everyone after the service.