November 1, 2019

The end of another busy week for you I’m sure.   We can all be thankful for the Sabbath.  Learning how to “Enter into the rest” that it offers can be an ongoing learning experience.
Finding quiet time with the Lord is refreshing but so elusive, isn’t it?     Let’s pray for the quiet and refreshing of the Sabbath that is now here.

Tomorrow Shirley and I will be at Junction City.    Del Johnson will be preaching at Eugene.   What a blessing to have a retired pastor who is so willing to be used any way and wherever there is a need in our community of Adventist churches!

No Fellowship Meal tomorrow, Sabbath.   It’s Home Fellowship Sabbath - an opportunity to invite someone to your home to share lunch with you.

I think it was last week that I observed a church member get up and go sit by another person who was sitting alone.   I was so proud of what that member did - to leave the comfort of those she was sitting with to go make another newer person feel welcome in our church.   I thought to myself, “I hope others see that and feel motivated to do the same thing in the future”.
Let’s resolve that we won’t let anyone sit by themselves.  Be bold enough to move to a seat beside them, or, if the timing is right, invite them to sit with you.

Don’t forget to change your clocks on Sunday - have you heard that we are close to doing away with the time change process?   Washington has agreed to do so, Oregon has too.   In January California is voting on whether or not to join in the change.   All three states have to agree to change or none of our states will do away with the time change.   I hope it goes through.

Speaking of time change and Sunday morning … come join our POWER PRAYER this coming Sunday at 7am  (it will be 8am if you fail to change your clock).

Hope you have a wonderful Sabbath.

Pastor Greg