October 25, 2019

Three reminders for tomorrow, Sabbath:
1.  Potluck this Sabbath.
2.  This is the last week for the sock collection for the Eugene Mission.
3.  In the evening there will be a VESPERS and BARN PARTY at our house.   Starting at 6pm.
Vespers will be singing, devotional, stories.
Following the vespers service there will be a potluck meal (in the barn).   Bring some sandwiches or some soup.  Bowls, spoons, cups, hot drink will be provided.   If you bring soup please also remember to bring a serving ladle.
I have a few chairs in the barn and lots of hay bales to sit on.   Bring your own lawn chair if you want something more comfortable.
There will be some swings for the kids to play on, but with so many people walking around it will be up to the parents to supervise and help keep your own kids safe.   We will have a few adult activities also - I think we may even bob for apples!
The barn is not heated so come dressed warmly.    I have a junk room with a heater where you can go warm up if you need to.