September 13, 2018

There will be a Fellowship Meal after our service this coming Sabbath.   We didn’t have a meal last Sabbath - not enough people brought food to feed the group that was there.    Yes,  there were people who brought food - thank you for doing that … it just makes the point that it often is a small group of people who do the bulk of the work and provide the majority of the food for the meal.    


 Our Fellowship Meal time is truly a ministry.  I’d like more members to come prepared to minister to others with food items.  Some of you are not able to prepare food items to bring to the fellowship meal.  Not everyone is set up to do that.  But if you could make a financial contribution (using a tithe envelope) and mark it as “Fellowship Meals” that would provide funds so that we could have extra food items on hand to supplement when fewer dishes are brought.


Building project.      A big step forward this week!   The final cement pour is being done tomorrow,  Friday.   That means that walls will soon be going up!   That will be exciting!


We need help monitoring the hallway during our service.  The foyer area is a long ways away (it seems) and not easily supervised.   Visually it is not easy to keep an eye on what is going on in the foyer once the church service has started and everyone is seated in the sanctuary.


In order to provide a little more control of who comes in I’m asking that the foyer doors be locked once the service starts.  That will mean people will have to come in by the church office.  We can better monitor who is coming in that way.


Parents, please do not let your children be unsupervised in the foyer area during our worship service - or any time for that matter!   


Deacons - your help in keeping an eye on things would be much appreciated.   Also, deacons, after Sabbath School make sure that all the classroom doors are closed and locked (check to see that no one is in the room first, of course).


Melia Hernandez is leaving for Walla Walla University this weekend.  This will be her final summer Sabbath with us.  She has been a wonderful help on the remodel project and as our summer office secretary - while Valerie has been off.