September 21, 2019

 Shirley and I will be attending her 50th class reunion this weekend.  She attended Laurelwood Academy back when it was located west of Portland in the community of Gaston.

The campus is no longer a school and so reunions are held at various other places.  This reunion is going to be at the Adobe on the Oregon coast.   After the reunion we are head up the beach to the Twin Rocks Conference Center for three days of meetings with the Oregon Conference pastors.   We will be back in town Wednesday evening.

Thank you, Steve Waterson, for having the sermon tomorrow. 

There will be a fellowship meal tomorrow after the service. 



Just a reminder ... 
We have only completed Phase 1 of our remodel project.  Our goal is to move ahead  with Phase 2 only as we have funds on hand (we do not wish to go into debt for this project).  If God has blessed you with more money at the end of the month than you need to survive ... would you consider making a regular contribution to the Building Fund?


Elevator Update

Our elevator had problems again last Sabbath - and at the Monday evening cooking class!   The repairman came today (Wednesday) to check it out... but it was working fine when he looked at it.   He made some adjustments in hopes the elevator will continue to work without further interruption.  Let's hope so! 




October 6th - 11am until 4pm at the Young's residence    

Come and help, or just sit and visit while you drink some delicious apple cider!  You may also purchase cider to take home with you - $3.00 per half gallon.

There will be a taco / haystack potluck for lunch.    

Raylene is providing the beans / rice and cider as well as cups / plates / utensils.  Call or text Raylene to see what you can bring in the way of toppings (or dessert). 



The musical family,     New Hearts 4 Christ,    will be providing a Sabbath afternoon concert this Sabbath at the Santa Clara Church .... 4pm.

If you remember, they came to our church last year and shared a wonderful musical program. 


Emerald Christian Academy Reunion potluck and fellowship this Sabbath at 1:30 PM at Laurelwood Academy, Jasper, OR. Tell your friends.



The Laurelwood Farms Fall Festival is a completely FREE community event -- **Food and games included**. Feel free to invite others from the community to the event. If you are willing, we would love to offer your members the opportunity to partner with us in serving the community. If you want to get a group together and volunteer together that is something that would be fun as well. 



There will be a barrel in the lobby during the month of Socktober, *cough* October. We are partnering with the Eugene Mission to help provide some basic needs for the homeless in our community. Please consider adding some additional items to your physical or virtual shopping cart.